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Hey, i'm Zumi.

Faces of Her Studio New York is a series that highlights creatives in our community.




Photography by: Lesley Xiaohan Ma

Produced by: Her Studio New York

Directed by: Stephanie Rommelt

Interviewed by: Shayna Viola

Tell us about you.

I identify as Black Muslim Women. I’m a content creator and Hijabi curve model. I love creating meaningful content that inspires other Black women to be their unapologetic selves. I’m a super multifaceted person and don’t believe in limiting myself so on my platforms you’ll see a mix of socio-political commentary, plus size modest fashion inspiration, makeup looks, book reviews and so much more. 

I love to represent for my city and for the NYC I grew up with. As a Native New Yorker whose community is always forgotten and whose neighborhoods have slowly faded away due to gentrification, any chance I get to remind people of the REAL New York, I do. This city is known for its diversity and its rich culture and I’m all about preserving that.

Do you have any projects you are currently working on?

I’m currently transitioning into making YouTube videos full time. Short form content is fun but I always find myself having more to say so now I’m creating longer video essays on topics that you don’t really see someone like me sharing their perspective on. The current videos I’m working on are on The Lonliness Epidemic, Diversity in Modest Fashion and a review of the latest Hunger Games movie from a revolutionary perspective. You can find my channel at Sincerely Tahiry. 

Why did you embark on a creative career?

I also say that this path chose me. There’s nothing more sacred to me than creating art and even though I’ve always loved it, I didn’t think it would ever be a real job for me. But I’m so grateful to still be doing this full time after almost 3 years. 

What kind of role model are you for your community?

I like to think of myself as the girl who’s always gonna say what everyone else is thinking but is to afraid to voice. I’m never shy to speak on the problematic aspects of our society and because of that I think a lot of people respect me. I also try to show the totality of who I am. This means my beliefs, my ethics, my creativity and even my vulnerability are often intertwined with the things I create. It’s definitely not easy but I always remind myself about how isolating it was growing up and not seeing myself represented. Now, I’m blessed to be the representation for so many other girls like me. 

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Instagram : @sincerelytahiry

March 23, 2024

Meet: Tahirah