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Hey, i'm Zumi.

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Photography by: Lesley Xiaohan Ma

Produced by: Her Studio New York

Directed by: Stephanie Rommelt

Interviewed by: Shayna Viola

What do you identify yourself as?

I’m an optometrist by trade, as well as a business owner of a sunglass company called, Aliana Rose Eyewear(@alianaroseeyewear).

Additionally, I create content for fashion and lifestyle brands. I am known on social media as The Monocle Muse.

“Although I do many things, they all interconnect in a beautiful way”

What is your overall inspiration?

I’m constantly inspired by other women. Growing up in a home full of women, other females have always inspired me and I hope through my work I am able to inspire them as well.

Tell me about the creative process of your brand?

Each pair of sunglasses is inspired by different eras in time and different places in the world. I’ve always been an old soul at heart so I connect deeply with film photography, fashion from the 70s, vinyl records, etc and you’ll see a lot of that in the branding. Each collection has also been inspired by different eras. For instance the shape of our Zanzibar frame was inspired by 90s fashion and the colors were inspired by Zanzibar in East Africa, named for the birthplace of my paternal grandmother as an ode to her. The Cali collection was inspired by the 70s aviator style and each frame is uniquely named after a different place in California (Joshua Tree, Malibu, Palm Springs, etc). I am constantly gathering inspo along my travels for my next collection.

Is this the path you wanted to take when you were younger?

Yes! It’s always been my dream to have the sunglasses brand and pursue something creative. But, I come from a South Asian background, so growing up the expectation was doctor, lawyer, or engineer as your career. I also grew up in Midwest Canada, so pursuing something creative, or in fashion was never on the table for me; it was just this big dream.

“Being able to see that manifest in my life now, after so many years of dreaming; It is the dream come true.”

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of owning a fashion brand/business? 

Just start. The hardest part is starting and once you do, there is a lot to learn on the ground, but you can learn as you go. Take a small step today whether that means claiming your website, designing one piece or filing an LLC for your business. Also – surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors that you can bounce ideas off of and support one another along your entrepreneurial journey.

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February 13, 2024

Meet: Sophia